Withdrawal Policy


Customers are free to withdraw funds anytime from their trading accounts of TurnKey Forex.

The amount to be withdrawn can be only up to the limit of total balance minus the margin used. Thus, sufficient funds must be present in your account at the time you request for withdrawal.

Withdrawal via Credit Cards

  • TurnKey Forex processes the withdrawals from your trading accounts by Credits Cards.
  • Accounts credited via credit card will receive the withdrawals in the same credit card only if withdrawals are requested within two months.
  • Only the initial amount deposited gets refunded back to the same credit card. However, the excess of the initial deposit will get credited either via Wire transfer or via online payment gateways.
  • The Credit Card withdrawals take 2-5 days to get processed, provided your bank does not take extra time in some exceptional cases

Withdrawal via Bank Transfer

  1. Withdrawals made via Wire Transfer generally take 3-5 working days to reflect in your account.
  2. There is no restriction on the amount of withdrawals but minimum amount required to ask for a bank wire withdrawal is $50.

Withdrawal via Online Payment Gateways (Neteller, &, Skrill)

  • Withdrawals made through the online payment gateways generally get reflected in your respective IDs within 2 days.
  • No restriction is placed on the amount of withdrawals, unless no restriction is placed upon your personal account.

To make our clients hassle-free, TurnKey Forex provides its clients the following scenarios-

  • Deposit via Wire Transfer but Withdraw in any online payment platform (Neteller & Skrill), provided he submits with us the relevant documents.
  • Deposit via Online Payment Gateways, but accepts Withdrawal via wire transfer, provided he submits with us the relevant bank documents.